From the first instant his five-year old stubby hands clunked the toy keys in his preschool library, Eli Baumgarten knew he had something to say. For many years of his childhood, Baumgarten's musical personality was boundless and untethered from technicality. Baumgarten spent his middle and high school years playing original music at live venues and composing music for film and theatre with minimal theoretical knowledge, relying on the skill and intuition of his ear. Through the study of jazz piano at University of Colorado at Boulder, Baumgarten learned the techniques and inner workings of what came to him intuitively, expanding his musical taste and vocabulary. As a performing pianist, Baumgarten delves into a variety of modern styles including jazz, pop, rock, and R&B/Soul. He takes a contemporary approach to improvisation backed with a foundation of classical technique from the elementary school years of his study. Baumgarten plays in the Thompson Jazz Studies Big Band, jazz combos, and various local Boulder bands including pop/soul band Lady Romeo and Bruce Springsteen cover band "Born to Run". As a composer and producer, Baumgarten explores jazz and R&B music with a classical influence through electronic music production. Through this exploration, Baumgarten has learned foundational skills within production software, self-mixing, mastering, and releasing his music under self-created record label Ascent Productions with the moniker Eli Theo. This production experience has led Baumgarten to produce jingles for podcasts/websites, create documentary and short film scores, and do freelance piano recording work for international clients. With a wide array of musical experience, Baumgarten seeks to ultimately create music that inspires the sense of beauty and limitless possibility that he feels in his own creative process.